International Zebra Day, 2021!

International Zebra Day is celebrated on January 31 of each year. This day was set aside to appreciate the zebra and to create awareness about the need to protect the animal. The Grevy’s Zebra (pictured below) is considered endangered with only about 2500 left in the world.

International Zebra Day 2021

Some fun facts about the Grevy’s Zebra-

  • A zebra’s striped pattern is unique to each zebra
  • Zebra’s weigh between 770-950 lbs (350-430 kg)
  • Gestation of the Grevy’s zebra last 390 days
  • Zebras can run at speeds up to 40 mph (64 kpm)
  • Zebras eat mostly grasses, but also leaves and fruit
  • Grevy’s zebras inhabit northern Kenya and Ethiopia

2016 National Feral Cat Day

Today, (October 16, 2016) is National Feral Cat Day!  This special day is celebrated every October 16th, since 2001 to help promote the awareness of feral cats (also called “community cats”).   Programs like Trap-Neuter-Return trap feral cats and spay or neuter them and return them to where they were found.  The cats also have an ear tip clipped which is the universal symbol of a sterilized feral cat.  Find out what you can do to help feral cats by visiting or  Follow the Twitter chatter for National Feral Cat Day at #FeralCatDay.

Feral cat with a tipped ear

Feral cat with a tipped ear.